What. Sassy Korean American wasn't good enough of a description for ya?

I kid, I kid.

I'm just your average second generation Korean American and first generation college student. The oldest child of four--with my youngest brother being sixteen years younger than me. I'm in my third year of college studying sociology and Asian American studies. Other campus activities include writing for my college newspaper and being a writing tutor.

I love reading. Seriously. All the librarians back at home knew my name because I borrowed 50+ books at a time since my mom refused to drive me to the library more than once a week as kid. I enjoy writing as well. In fact, there is a very embarrassing Sailor Moon fanfiction on the interwebs that I wrote at thirteen. Most of what I write are just manifestations of my crazy imagination. I don't see myself writing anything of real literary value, just fun stuff for a bored reader.

I also have a personal goal of losing almost 100 lbs by September 2012. I'm doing this the healthy way--through a clean diet and frequent exercise. My youtube channel and tumblr focus more on the weight loss journey.

Hm. Anything else? I don't think so. Feel free to comment and I'll respond.

Have a lovely day!
Kasie <3