Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I think my stomach is getting smaller. . .

True story time! I used to be able to scarf down two and sometimes three packets of those pictured above. Each packet of ramen has two servings so that means I actually ate four to six servings whenever I had some ramen noodles. And because I'm Korean I always added eggs and kimchi with a good helping of Sriracha sauce which added to the crazy calories I was consuming.

I remember my mom would make me ramen every Saturday as a treat. It was a tradition to eat ramen before she drove me to Korean school on a Saturday morning. As a child, I felt proud to be able to eat so ramen--like hey, I can eat the same amount as an adult can! Then after I started working and could buy as much ramen as I wanted to, I ate these sodium death traps several times a week.

I always felt bloated and gross after but it tasted good to me. I guess looking back on it now I used ramen as a tool for nostalgia. I wanted to go back to the time when my mom had nothing to judge me on because I was too young.

During my Thanksgiving break I ate a lot of ramen noodles. HOWEVER. I only ate one packet at a time. I never ate two packets. In fact, I cooked one packet and while eating it I found myself amazed by how quickly I got full. How I seemed satisfied with just one ramen packet.

So I'm not dropping pounds like a contestant on The Biggest Loser. It's taken me almost two years to really start losing weight. But I'm making progress. These changes are for the long term and will last throughout my entire life.

I am still around 200 lbs but I can feel the muscles forming in my legs and arms. I can see that my stomach is slimmer and not as round. I'm proud of myself for sticking to this whole getting healthy journey of mine. I can do this.

I'm also worried about a lot of other things but I just want to focus on the successes I've had so far. I'm doing great! It's going to happen. I won't let anyone stop me from achieving my goals.


:D <3

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