Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lashing Out

I really hate people who can't be polite or pleasant the first time around. The people who seem to just cop an attitude and think they're entitled to whatever they please without the consideration of others.

And when you work in the service industry like myself, you get to meet a lot of these people. One of my many jobs is a security monitor on campus. I deal with a lot of college students who seem to think the best route to getting what they want is to treat me with disrespect and swear. It just doesn't make sense to me. Why would such behavior persuade me to give you what you want? What makes you so special that I have to treat you differently?

Seriously, I've held in my anger and been passive way too long. I always try to be nice and polite and understanding. And if you're generally cooperative and not a rude douchebag, I bend the rules and do what I can to help.

Case in point, one example of a girl who refused to have her guy friend get her ID because she didn't like anyone "touching" her purse. Gah, I'm just pissed off the way she said her piece to my friend who was working. I shouldn't have said anything and let my friend decide but people like that really piss me off. Next time, remember to keep silent if the other person is handling it well. But if I ever run into that girl while I'm working, oh goodness she will be served a very big helping of justice and maybe some humble pie too.

Ugh. Just angry right now that people treat others like dirt with absolutely no good reason behind it.

I also find it hilarious that I basically complained about the girl's behavior to my friend while the rude girl's guy companion was still there. What does he do? Tell me that I'm wrong and this girl is actually a sweet person? Tell me that I should be quiet and not say anything? Nope, just remains silent. Looks away--maybe deep down he believes and knows I'm telling the truth.

Sad, isn't it?

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